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Naša Majka Museum

Welcome to the first museum in the area of the Municipality of Čitluk and Međugorje. In April 2022, Medjugorje became richer with a new cultural and artistic centre. 

Come and have an unforgettable experience of Medjugorje in one place.

Get to know Brotnjo and the phenomenon of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the most innovative digital technology, holograms and video projections. Through photos, vocal and video recordings, come and experience the history of Brotnjo and Medjugorje from the apparitions until today. The name Naša Majka– Our Mother clearly tells us that it is dedicated to our Heavenly Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace.

On the wonderful square in front of the Museum, there is a sculpture titled Hands (Ruke), by academic artist Josip Ivešić, which symbolizes the great connection between heaven and earth, which we are often not aware of. The square is a place where you can refresh and relax after visiting the museum and at any other time. After refreshments, you can choose souvenirs of the wonderful experience of Medjugorje in the Naša Majka souvenir shop.

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