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The art of Brotnjo in the gallery Naša Majka Međugorje

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Gallery Naša Majka Međugorje organizes the event “Art of Fraternity” again this year, which will be held on September 14 (Thursday) starting at 8:00 p.m.

At the exhibition, you will be able to view works of art by painters and amateur artists of the “Didak” art colony and photographs by Dubrovnik resident Mara Jovović “Međugorje in verse and photography”, all with the aim of showing the cultural richness of the Bročan region through professional and amateur work.

The evening will be complemented by the musical motifs of the Didak women’s band and music creators from the Brotnja area.

During the ceremony, the short animated film “Nada” will be shown, which was produced by HKUD Didak and is the proud winner of the International Award in the animation category for the best animated film at the Cannes 7th Art Awards festival.

In this evening rich in content, we hope that each of you will find something for yourself. We look forward to your arrival.